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Goals and Objectives

Goals and objectives, including general, longe-range, and short-range goals, as set by the Board of Trustees.


  1. To serve all the members of the community by assembling and managing a collection of books and other materials, which will promote education, provide entertainment, stimulate communication of ideas, and enrich the lives of those served.
  2. To serve the community as a center of reliable information, providing assistance to those gathering materials and facts within the library and referring individuals and organizations to other resources when necessary.
  3. To attempt to identify community needs, to provide materials, programs, and technologies to meet those needs, and to cooperate with other agencies and organizations, which serve the community as a whole.


  1. To secure adequate funding for the Keokuk Public Library to provide and maintain a desired level of library service and development.
  2. Continue to encourage gifts and endowments to the Keokuk Public Library Foundation.
  3. Continue to work for improvements of building and grounds with advice of qualified library consultants or architects.
  4. Ensure adequate levels of staffing, and upgrade personnel through training and education to professionally acceptable levels of skill.
  5. Continuously improve collections to meet the immediate needs of the community and to provide a solid foundation for future development.
  6. Continue to expand computer applications to meet the needs of the library and community.
  7. Strengthen the visibility of the library by informing the community of services provided by the library and of special library needs.

Adopted 1/18/1988
Revised 12/20/1999
Reviewed 12/16/2002
Reviewed 11/17/2005
Revised 6/20/2011 

KPL: Short and Long-Term Goals


Long Range Goals – Complete by 2014-2015

  1. Establish a corps of volunteers or “Friends of the Library” and consider a Teen Advisory Group (TAG) to promote and support the library as needed.
  2. Consider long-term potential use of the "White House."
  3. Continue to work with the foundation board to achieve a level of funding necessary for appropriate growth.
  4. Work to increase library hours and maintain appropriate staffing levels.

Short Term Goals

  1. Develop the library property bounded by the alley, 5th Street and High Street into useable public space with appropriate landscaping, benches, lighting, sculpture, etc.
  2. Update front lobby lighting.
  3. Repaint upper level restrooms.


Adopted 1/1993
Revised 12/20/2000
Revised 3/18/2002
Revised 5/21/2007
Revised 1/7/2011